11 Best Business Plan Affiliate Programs (With High EPC)

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“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”
Pablo Picasso

We all know the importance of planning. Whether it’s in business or our life, we need a plan and we need to work on our plan to succeed. The worst thing one can do in business is to start it without a business plan.

People love the thought of being their own boss and love the idea of working for themselves… Especially after the pandemic, people are now more interested in starting their own businesses than ever before.

And that’s the reason more & more searches are being made for “Best Business Plan” on Google.

So in this article, you will find the 11 best business plan affiliate programs you can recommend to your audience to tap into this ever-growing niche.

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11 Best Business Plan Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Bargain Business Plan
  • BESTwritinghelp.org
  • Coursera
  • Film Proposals
  • Growthink
  • Palo Alto Software
  • Pro Business Plans
  • Right Business Plan
  • Udemy
  • Upmetrics
  • Wise Business Plans

1. Bargain Business Plan

Bargain Business Plan Website Screenshot

In their own words… They are the #1 business plan company. Bargain Business Plan was launched in 2008 and they have served 10,000+ entrepreneurs and small business owners in developing & executing strategic business plans.

They can help with a startup business plan, bank & SBA business plan, franchise business plan, nonprofit business plan, E2 visa business plan, L1 business plan, EB5 business plan, and more.

By using their service they are promising to put you in a position to succeed. Sounds great, right? They even provide free consultations.

Within 7 – 10 business days they can complete a draft of the business plan and within 2 – 3 business days, revisions are made.

They claim to offer competitive prices for their affiliates and a portion of their staff are working on their affiliate projects.

Once you become their affiliate, all the details regarding commission percentage and cookie duration will be revealed.

URLBargain Business Plan Affiliate Program

Commission – Not Disclosed

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

2. BESTwritinghelp.org

BESTWritingHelp Website Screenshot

Along with many other writing services they also provide a Business Plan writing service. With the help of their highly-skilled writing experts, you can get outstanding quality at an affordable price.

Some of their writing services are… Article writing, book review, business planning, case study, essay writing, Grant writing, literature service, marketing plan, paper writing service, research paper services, thesis, white paper, etc.

With BESTwritinghelp.org, a one-page business plan rate starts from $18.99.

For the first order, the customer gets a 17% discount. You get free revisions within 48 hours. They provide attractive discounts for their repeat customers.

URLBESTwritinghelp.org Affiliate Program

Commission – 10%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

3. Coursera

Coursera Website Screenshot

Coursera was founded in 2012. Their vision is to provide life-transforming learning experiences to learners around the globe. They have more than 82 million learners! In 2021, they received B Corp certification.

Coursera is the global online learning platform. They offer courses and degrees from 170+ world-class universities and companies (Johns Hopkins, Duke, Illinois, and more).

They offer 7000+ courses, Specializations, projects, and professional certificates.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 45% commission on 4000+ courses and specializations. You can join their affiliate program via the Linkshare affiliate network.

URLCoursera Affiliate Program

Commission – 10% to 45%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 30 days

4. Film Proposals

Film Proposals Website Screenshot

FilmProposals.com was created in 2002. Film Proposals teach independent filmmakers how to raise film financing quickly. They teach you 1000 ways to finance your movie.

Why I have included Film Proposals in the list of best business plan affiliate programs?

On their site, in the Tools & Templates tab, you can find a section “Free Course – Film Business Plan”. You can learn how to write a film business plan in 8 weeks. They do have a Business Plan E-Course.

The movie industry business plan contains 23 pages with 8 chapters in it. Their business plan services price ranges from $350 to $450.

E-Junkie runs the affiliate program of Film Proposals. The commission rate and cookie duration are just amazing.

URLFilm Proposals Affiliate Program

Commission – 40%

Payment – Payments are made on the 10th of every month via PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 6 months

5. Growthink

Growthink Website Screenshot

Growthink was founded in 1999. They help companies grow, raise capital, and exit by developing strategic, innovation, exit, and business plans. Growthink Capital is their wholly-owned subsidiary.

Its mission is to help executives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Business plan consulting, capital raising, business sales, mergers and acquisitions are the services provided by Growthink.

Growthink’s product price ranges from $37 to $697. Ultimate Business Plan Template is their popular (top-selling) product. They offer lifetime recurring commissions.

Their commission rate and cookie duration are just awesome and a great treat for affiliates.

URLGrowthink Affiliate Program

Commission – 50% (Lifetime recurring)

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Lifetime

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6. Palo Alto Software

Palo Alto Website Screenshot

Palo Alto Software was founded in 1988 (30+ years of experience). They are providing tools, software, and expertise to entrepreneurs in 180+ countries. Their tools and resources help people to start, fund, manage and grow their businesses.

They provide affordable software and quality services for small businesses to grow and succeed. They have two main products such as LivePlan and Bplans.

Based on their words… LivePlan is the world’s most popular business plan software and Bplans is the complete guide to business planning. They also provide email management software.

Their products are used by 1,500,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs. They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.

When you join their affiliate program they will assign you to a dedicated affiliate manager.

URLPalo Alto Software Affiliate Program

Commission – $20 per sale (LivePlan) & 20% commission on other Palo Alto Software products.

Payment – Minimum payout threshold is $100.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

7. Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans was founded in 1999. They help entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and execute strategic business plans. Their thorough, detailed and custom-tailored business plan will put small businesses in a position to succeed.

Bargain Business Plan (the first one on our list) has many of the same features and resemblance to the Pro Business Plan. However, based on my research both are different companies and Bargain Business Plan was launched in 2008 (Pro Business Plans in 1999).

Pro Business Plans has helped startups, nonprofits, early-stage ventures, and existing companies to launch and expand their operation. They provide all the required tools for business plan services.

They provide startup, bank & SBA, nonprofit, E-2, L-1, EB5 business plans. They also offer Canadian visa (PNP) and pitch deck services.

There is no information on the affiliate commission, cookie duration or payment. Once you join their affiliate program you will get the required information.

URLPro Business Plans Affiliate Program

Commission – Not Disclosed

Payment – Not Disclosed

Cookie Duration – Not Disclosed

8. Right-Brain Business Plan

Right-Brain Business Plan Website Screenshot

Right-Brain Business Plan was launched in 2007 by Jennifer Lee (best-selling author and business coach). She is also the founder of Artizen Coaching.

For beginners, they can craft a business plan and for those who are already in business, they can guide you to grow your business to the next level. To make it simple, they will help you reach your version of success and sustain it, too.

Their Right-Brain Business Plan Kit and the Right-Brain Business Plan Home Study course will help people to create fun, colourful, visual, and effective business plans. They also offer a free 7-day mini-course.

Their Home Study course is priced at $155 and their Right-Brain Business Plan Kit will cost you $10.46 (Kindle) and $11.59 paperback on Amazon. They run their affiliate program in-house.

URLRight-Brain Business Plan Affiliate Program

Commission – 10% to 20% (based on the products you sell)

Payment – Payments are made once a quarter via PayPal

Cookie Duration – Unknown

9. Udemy

Udemy Website Screenshot

Based on their words… They are the global destination for online learning and teaching online. They have more than 45 million learners with 185,000+ courses in 75 languages. Its goal is to make quality education accessible to all.

By doing a simple search on Udemy you can find 1000s of courses on business planning. All courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a result affiliate earnings are paid after the 30-day refund period.

URLUdemy Affiliate Program

Commission – 10% (baseline commission)

Payment – Payments are paid via PayPal, direct deposits, or cheques.

Cookie Duration – 7 days

10. Upmetrics

Upmetrics Website Screenshot

Upmetrics is a cloud-based online business plan software built for entrepreneurs. 100,000+ entrepreneurs have used Upmetrics from 195 countries.

They can help small business owners in creating great and solid business plans. They are offering a 15-day money-back guarantee. With the help of their software, business people can grow their business faster.

Their tool will help business people in business planning, forecasting, strategies, and collaboration. To make it simple, they can convert your business idea into a reality.

They do provide a free demo. Their Solo plan costs $5.42, Team plan $8.25, and Premium plan $29.09 if you go annually and it will cost you more if you choose the monthly option.

Their team plan price starts at $14 and affiliates earn a commission of $4.2 and Upmetrics runs its affiliate program in-house.

URLUpmetrics Affiliate Program

Commission – 30% (recurring commission)

Payment – Payments are made monthly (first week) via PayPal. To cash out you need to have a minimum balance of $50 and you must have referred at least 5 customers to Upmetrics.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

11. Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans Website Screenshot

Wise Business Plans claims to be a one-stop business shop to start or grow your business. It was founded in 2010 and they have written 15,000+ business plans.

They offer bank, investor, strategic, nonprofit, franchise, L-1 visa, E-2, EB-5, M&A, and Cannabis business planning services. Other services include corporate business, private placement, pitch deck, etc.

They can help you in planning, building and funding your business and you can get a free consultation.

Wise Business Plans is accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) and they have featured in Top Ten Reviews, business.com, Expertise, and Entrepreneur. They run their affiliate program in-house.

URLWise Business Plans Affiliate Program

Commission – 10%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

Earn Big With The 11 Best Business Plan Affiliate Programs

You might be aware that 8 out of 10 start-up businesses fail due to undercapitalization (not having a detailed business plan). So business planning plays an important role in growing and succeeding a business.

As an affiliate marketer, you can likely see the huge potential in the business planning niche and the results you can generate… And the 11 best business plan affiliate programs that we’ve listed above will hopefully help you turn that potential into profits.

Also, if you’d like to learn how to actually drive more traffic to your offers & increase your conversions, be sure to check out our free training.

In it, you’ll learn how to master niche affiliate marketing & skyrocket your success.

But overall, we hope that you have found this list helpful & of course, as always, if you happen to have any questions or comments then don’t hesitate to leave them below. We always appreciate hearing from our readers.

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