1,573 Photography Blog Name Ideas + 5 Tips To Choose The Best One

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Want to start a photography blog but stuck at coming up with a good name?

Don’t worry, this is the last page you’ll need to visit for photography blog name ideas.

Right now I’m going to show you 1,573 photography blog name ideas you can steal to help you kickstart your blogging journey and share with you 5 practical tips on how to land on the right one.

Let’s get to it!

Best Photography Blog Name Ideas

Because there are so many, I’ve categorised them into photography blog sub-niches to make it easier.

Clever Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Photoworld
  2. Camera Chronicles
  3. SnapShots
  4. FocalPoint
  5. Photogenic
  6. ShutterBug
  7. ApertureAdventures
  8. SnapHappy
  9. FrameIt
  10. TheLenseLife
  11. FlashForward
  12. Shutter Speed
  13. PictureThis
  14. SnapStory
  15. Frame By Frame
  16. SnapScape
  17. Snap Serendipity
  18. PicturePerfect
  19. FrameFrenzy
  20. The Snapshot
  21. ShutterSquad
  22. SnapShine
  23. FocalFrenzy
  24. PicturePassion
  25. FrameFiesta
  26. The Shutter Fly

Creative Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. The Photographic Mind
  2. Snapshot Symphony
  3. Shutterverse
  4. Aperture Ambition
  5. The Light Leaker
  6. Frame Frenzy
  7. The Lensed Life
  8. Picture Poetry
  9. Flashback Fotografia
  10. Shutter Scape
  11. Picture Perspective
  12. Snapshot Narrative
  13. Frame Fiction
  14. The Shutter Strings
  15. SnapScape
  16. The Focal Fusion
  17. Shutter Symphony
  18. SnapShot Serendipity
  19. Picture Paradigm
  20. The Snapshot Savant
  21. Shutter Society
  22. SnapShine Stories
  23. Focal Fusion
  24. Picture Paradigm
  25. Frame Fantasy
  26. The Shutter Seeker
  27. SnapShotz Adventures
  28. Focal Flare
  29. Shutter Surreal
  30. ShutterSpeed
  31. Lens Life
  32. TheFocalPoint
  33. ShutterSparks
  34. Picture Paradise
  35. ShutterSquad
  36. SnapShine
  37. FocalFrenzy
  38. PicturePassion
  39. FrameFiesta
  40. My Camera And I
  41. SnapShotz
  42. FocalFever
  43. ShutterSiren
  44. Snap Happy Snaps
  45. Shutter Speed Stories
  46. Picture Perfect Moments
  47. The Lense Life
  48. SnapScape Symphony
  49. SnapSerendipity Adventures
  50. PictureParadise Photography
  51. FrameFrenzy Fotografia
  52. Snapshot Savvy
  53. Shutter Squad Snaps
  54. SnapShine Stories
  55. FocalFrenzy Fotografia
  56. PicturePassion Portfolio
  57. FrameFiesta Fotografia
  58. TheShutterFly Snapshots
  59. SnapShotz Adventures
  60. FocalFever Photography
  61. ShutterSiren Snapshots
  62. SnapHappy Cam
  63. Shutter Speed Photography
  64. PicturePerfect Portfolio
  65. SnapScape Stories
  66. TheFocalPoint Photos
  67. ShutterSparks Inspiration
  68. SnapSerendipity Moments
  69. PictureParadise Portfolio
  70. FrameFrenzy Photography
  71. The Snapshot Genius
  72. ShutterSquad Photography
  73. PicturePassion Photography
  74. FrameFiesta Inspiration
  75. The Shutter Fly Blog

Inspirational Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. The Inspired Lens
  2. The Art of Photography
  3. The Photographer’s Eye
  4. Inspiration Through the Viewfinder
  5. The Art of the Camera
  6. The Inspiring Image
  7. The Photographic Journey
  8. The Captured Moment
  9. The Inspiring Shot
  10. The Visionary’s Viewfinder
  11. The Art of Light and Shadow
  12. The Inspiring Frame
  13. The Photographic Inspiration
  14. The Art of Composition
  15. The Captivating Camera
  16. Breathtaking Snapshots
  17. The Photographic Vision
  18. Captured Inspiration
  19. The Art of Storytelling
  20. A Photographer’s Perspective
  21. The Captivating Shot
  22. The Art of the Moment
  23. The Inspiring View
  24. The Captivating Composition
  25. The Inspiring Snap
  26. The Art of Seeing
  27. The Inspiring Shot
  28. The Captivating Moment
  29. The Art of Light
  30. The Inspiring Viewfinder
  31. The Photographic Inspiration
  32. The Captivating Snapshot
  33. The Inspiring Composition
  34. The Art of Capturing Emotion
  35. A Unique Perspective
  36. Thrilling Exposure
  37. The Art of the Photograph
  38. The Captivating Composition
  39. Storytelling Through Photography
  40. The Inspired View
  41. The Photographic Inspiration
  42. Captivating Composition
  43. The Inspiring Snapshot
  44. The Art of the Photograph
  45. The Inspiring Shot
  46. The Photographic Inspiration
  47. The Captivating Moment
  48. The Inspiring Frame
  49. The Art of Light and Shadow
  50. The Inspiring Viewfinder
  51. The Photographic Inspiration
  52. Captivating Snap
  53. The Art of Capturing Beauty
  54. Inspiring Frames
  55. My Camera Is My Muse

Funny Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. SnapCracklePop
  2. ShutterBug
  3. PictureThis
  4. TheLenseLoon
  5. SnapHappy
  6. FrameItFunny
  7. TheFocalFool
  8. The Picture Pundit
  9. SnapShotsofSilliness
  10. FrameFunnies
  11. FocalFunnies
  12. Shutter Shenanigans
  13. TheLenseLife

Portrait Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Faces of Life
  2. Portrait Perfection
  3. Captured Moments
  4. The Human Touch
  5. A Portrait in Time
  6. The Art of the Portrait
  7. Frozen in Time
  8. Picture Perfect Portraits
  9. The Beauty of the Human Face
  10. The Art of Photography Portraiture
  11. The Portrait Experience
  12. The Portrait Photographer
  13. The Portrait Artist
  14. The Human Canvas
  15. The Portrait Studio
  16. The Portrait Session
  17. The Portraitist
  18. The Portrait Collection
  19. The Portrait Gallery

Street Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Streetwise Photography
  2. The Urban Lens
  3. City Streets Through the Viewfinder
  4. The Urban Explorer’s Camera
  5. The Urban Jungle Through My Lens
  6. Street Photography Inspiration
  7. The Street Photographer
  8. The City in Focus
  9. The Urban Landscape
  10. Street Moments Captured
  11. Street Portrait
  12. The Urban World Unveiled
  13. The Street Eye
  14. The Urban Documentarian
  15. The City in Motion
  16. The Urban Artist
  17. The City Through A Lens
  18. The Urban Landscape Through Inspiration
  19. Street Inspiration Captured
  20. Urban Journey
  21. Hidden Urban Gems
  22. Street Beauty Discovered
  23. The Urban Documentarian’s View
  24. The City Photographic Adventures
  25. The Urban Landscape Through the Perspective
  26. Street Inspiration Discovered
  27. Street Explorer’s Eye
  28. The Street Explorer’s Inspiration
  29. The Urban Photographic Gems
  30. The Street Enthusiast’s View
  31. The Urban Adventurer’s Journey
  32. Street Photographic Heritage
  33. The Urban Artist’s Viewfinder
  34. The City Photographic Treasures
  35. The Urban Adventurer’s View
  36. Urban Lens

Nature Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Wildland Wonders
  2. Nature’s Canvas
  3. Earth’s Exposures
  4. The Natural Eye
  5. Nature’s Visions
  6. Outdoor Impressions
  7. The Wild Viewfinder
  8. Nature’s Captured Moments
  9. The Naturalist’s Lens
  10. Earth’s Beauty Exposed
  11. The Wilderness Through the Lens
  12. The Natural Photographer
  13. Nature’s Unveiled
  14. The Wild Photographer
  15. Earth’s Finest Moments
  16. The Nature Photographer
  17. The World Through My Lens
  18. Nature’s Unseen Beauty
  19. The Natural World in Focus
  20. Outdoor Inspiration
  21. Nature’s Point of View
  22. The Wild Image
  23. Earth’s Hidden Gems
  24. The Nature Explorer
  25. The Natural World Captured
  26. Nature’s Exposed Beauty
  27. The Wilderness Photographer
  28. The Natural Light
  29. Earth’s Hidden Treasures
  30. The Nature Lover’s Lens
  31. In The Wild
  32. Nature’s Uncaptured Moments
  33. The Naturalist’s View
  34. Earth’s Unseen Beauty
  35. The Nature Enthusiast’s Camera
  36. The Wilderness in Focus
  37. Nature’s Photographic Journey
  38. The Natural World Unveiled
  39. The Nature Photographer’s Paradise
  40. The Wilds of Photography
  41. Nature’s Captured Beauty
  42. The Natural Light Photographer
  43. Earth’s Photographic Treasures
  44. The Nature Lover’s Viewfinder
  45. The Wilderness Through the Lens
  46. Nature’s Uncaptured Moments
  47. The Naturalist’s Inspiration
  48. Earth’s Hidden Beauty
  49. The Nature Photographer’s Muse
  50. The Wilds of the Camera
  51. Nature’s Photographic Adventures
  52. The Natural World Through the Lens
  53. Earth’s Photographic Gems
  54. The Nature Lover’s View
  55. The Wilderness Through the Viewfinder
  56. Nature’s Unseen Moments
  57. A Naturalist’s Perspective
  58. Exposed Elements

Travel Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. The Photographic Explorer
  2. Wanderlust Captured
  3. The Traveling Lens
  4. Journey Through the Viewfinder
  5. The Explorers’ Camera
  6. The World Through My Lens
  7. Traveling Inspiration
  8. The Adventurer’s Viewfinder
  9. The Road Less Photographed
  10. The Traveling Photographer
  11. The World in Focus
  12. The Globe Trotter’s Camera
  13. Traveling Moments Captured
  14. The Journey Through the Lens
  15. The Explorer’s View
  16. The World Unveiled
  17. The Traveling Eye
  18. The Adventurer’s Inspiration
  19. The Road to Discovery
  20. The Traveling Naturalist
  21. The World Exposed
  22. The Globe Trotter’s Viewfinder
  23. Traveling Beauty Captured
  24. The Journey Through the View
  25. The Explorer’s Perspective
  26. The World in Motion
  27. The Traveling Enthusiast
  28. The Adventurer’s Journey
  29. The Road to Adventure
  30. The Traveling Artist
  31. The Adventurer’s View
  32. The Road to Inspiration
  33. The Traveling Naturalist’s Camera
  34. The World’s Photographic Treasures
  35. The World’s Unseen Beauty

Still Life Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Everyday Beauty
  2. The Still Life Experience
  3. The Art of Still Life
  4. Still Life Moments
  5. Still Life in Motion
  6. Pixel Perfection
  7. The Still Life Studio
  8. Light and Shadow
  9. The Still Life Gallery
  10. The Still Life Collection
  11. The Still Life Chronicles
  12. The Still Life Photographer
  13. The Still Life Artist
  14. The Still Life Session
  15. The Snap Society
  16. Snapshot Studios
  17. The Still Life Perspective
  18. The Still Life Journey
  19. The Still Life Craft
  20. The Still Life Art
  21. FocusFoto
  22. The Still Life Technique
  23. The Still Life Inspiration
  24. The Still Life Masterpiece
  25. Frame Collective
  26. The Still Life Composition
  27. The Still Life Imagery

Family Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. A Snapshot In Time
  2. Family Memories Captured
  3. The Family Lens
  4. Generations Through the Viewfinder
  5. The Family Tree in Focus
  6. Family Inspiration
  7. Family Legacy
  8. The Family Photographer
  9. Family in Focus
  10. Family Photo Album
  11. Family Moments Captured
  12. The Family Journey Through the Lens
  13. The Family Portrait
  14. The Family Eye
  15. The Family Adventurer’s Inspiration
  16. The Family Documentarian
  17. The Family in Motion
  18. The Family Album Through the Viewfinder
  19. Family Beauty Captured
  20. The Family Journey Through the View
  21. The Family Perspective
  22. The Family Adventurer’s Journey
  23. The Family Heritage in Photography
  24. The Family Artist
  25. Family Story Through the Lens
  26. Life Moments
  27. Family Moments Unveiled

Fashion Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Fashion Frame
  2. Sartorial Snapshot
  3. Style in the Spotlight
  4. Fashion Focus
  5. The Runway Lens
  6. Chic Clicks
  7. Fashionista Frame
  8. Trendy Shutter
  9. The Catwalk Camera
  10. Fashion Forward Photos
  11. The Fashionable Flash
  12. Dress Up the Lens
  13. Fashion Photography Frenzy
  14. The Style Shooter
  15. Fashion in Motion
  16. The Wardrobe Viewfinder
  17. The Glamour Lens
  18. Fashion Flashback
  19. Sartorial Snapshot
  20. Style in the Spotlight
  21. Fashion Focus
  22. The Runway Lens
  23. Chic Clicks
  24. Fashionista Frame
  25. Trendy Shutter
  26. The Catwalk Camera
  27. Fashion Forward Photos
  28. The Fashionable Flash
  29. Dress Up the Lens
  30. Fashion Photography Frenzy
  31. The Style Shooter
  32. Fashion in Motion
  33. The Wardrobe Viewfinder
  34. The Glamour Lens
  35. Fashion Flashback
  36. Fashion Frame
  37. Sartorial Snapshot
  38. Style in the Spotlight
  39. Fashion Focus
  40. The Runway Lens
  41. Fashionista Frame
  42. Trendy Shutter
  43. Style Captured
  44. The Fashion Lens
  45. Catwalk Camera
  46. The Designer’s Camera
  47. The World of Fashion Through My Lens
  48. The Fashion Adventurer’s Viewfinder
  49. The Fashion Frontier in Photography
  50. The Fashion Photographer
  51. Fashion in Focus
  52. The Fashion Lookbook
  53. Fashion Moments Captured
  54. The Fashion Eye
  55. The Fashion Artist
  56. Fashion World Through the Lens
  57. Iconic Treasures
  58. The Fashion Lookbook Through the Journey
  59. Fashion Moments Unveiled
  60. The Fashion Journey Through the Adventure
  61. The Fashion Explorer’s Viewfinder
  62. The Fashion Unseen Beauty
  63. The Fashion Enthusiast’s Lens
  64. A Fashionable Perspective
  65. Discover Fashion
  66. Fashions Hidden Moments

Astrophotography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Starlight Stories
  2. The Cosmic Lens
  3. The Night Sky Through the Viewfinder
  4. The Astronomer’s Camera
  5. The Universe Through My Lens
  6. Astrophotography Inspiration
  7. The Stargazer’s Viewfinder
  8. The Astrophotographic Frontier
  9. The Astrophotographer
  10. The Stars in Focus
  11. Celestial Landscape
  12. Cosmic Moments Captured
  13. The Astrophotographic Journey Through the Lens
  14. The Starry Portrait
  15. The Astrophotographic World Unveiled
  16. The Cosmic Eye
  17. The Stargazer’s Inspiration
  18. The Night Sky in Motion
  19. Starlight Expressed
  20. A Cosmic Perspective
  21. The Star Enthusiast
  22. The Stargazer’s Journey
  23. The Astrophotographic Artist
  24. The Universe Through the Lens
  25. Cosmic Captured
  26. The Stargazer’s View
  27. Astrophotographic Frontiers
  28. Night Sky Treasures
  29. The Cosmos Revealed
  30. Cosmic Explorer
  31. Universal Beauty

Wildlife Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Wild Wonders
  2. Nature’s Viewfinder
  3. The Natural Lens
  4. Outdoor Observer
  5. The Naturalist’s Nikon
  6. The Wilderness Through the Viewfinder
  7. The Wildlife Photographer’s Camera
  8. The Wild Through My Lens
  9. The Wildlife Photographer
  10. The Wild in Focus
  11. Natural World Caught On Camera
  12. Wildlife Moments Captured
  13. Wild Portrait
  14. Natural World Unveiled
  15. The Wildlife Eye
  16. Wild Enthusiast
  17. The Nature Explorer’s Journey
  18. The Wildlife Photographic Heritage
  19. The Natural Artist
  20. The Wild Through the Lens
  21. Wildlife Explorer’s Eye
  22. The Wildlife Explorer’s Inspiration
  23. Natural Hidden Moments

Underwater Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Submerged Stories
  2. The Underwater Lens
  3. The Ocean Through the Viewfinder
  4. The Underwater Photographer
  5. Photographing The Deep
  6. A Deep Dive Through The Lens
  7. The Underwater Portrait
  8. The Aquatic World Revealed
  9. The Underwater Eye
  10. The Ocean in Motion
  11. The Underwater World
  12. The Dive Journey Through the View
  13. The Underwater Perspective
  14. The Aquatic Moments in Motion
  15. The Diver Photographer
  16. The Dive Explorer’s Journey
  17. The Dive Artist
  18. Aquatic Hidden Gems
  19. The Diver Explorer’s View

Architectural Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Building Perspectives
  2. The Architecture of Light
  3. Structures in Focus
  4. Designs in View
  5. The Built Environment
  6. The Architect’s View
  7. Design in Detail
  8. The Art of Architecture
  9. The Architecture Photographer
  10. Structural Vision
  11. Built Spaces
  12. Blueprint Beauty
  13. Elevated Perspectives
  14. Concrete Dreams
  15. Modern Masterpieces
  16. Urban Angles

Food Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Flavorful Focus
  2. The Gourmet Lens
  3. The Kitchen Through the Viewfinder
  4. The Food Photographer’s Camera
  5. Picturesque Plates
  6. Plate Perfection
  7. Bite Me Blog
  8. Culinary Chronicles
  9. Foodie Flash
  10. The Flavorful Lens
  11. Savor the Shot
  12. Cuisine Capture
  13. The Tasting Frame
  14. Appetizing Angles
  15. Deliciously Clicked
  16. The Gourmet Gadget
  17. Snap and Savor
  18. Feast for the Eyes
  19. The Culinary Camera
  20. Plating and Photographing
  21. Eating Through the Lens
  22. The Hungry Photographer
  23. The Foodie’s Focus
  24. The Plate and The Picture
  25. Food Fotography
  26. Hunger Pangs
  27. Food Photography Inspiration
  28. The Culinary Photographerer
  29. The Food Photographer
  30. Table in Focus
  31. The Culinary World Through the Camera
  32. Food Moments Captured
  33. The Culinary Journey Through the Lens
  34. The Food Portrait
  35. The Food Eye
  36. Gastronomic Encounters
  37. Food Fetish
  38. The Food Photographer’s Journey
  39. The Culinary Explorer’s Viewfinder
  40. The Gourmet Gazette
  41. The Food Enthusiast
  42. Food Beauty Captured
  43. Delicious By Definition

Macro Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Tiny Wonders
  2. Close Up Creativity
  3. The Micro World
  4. Magnified Beauty
  5. Small Scenes
  6. The Intricacies of Nature
  7. Up-Close and Personal
  8. The Hidden Beauty
  9. Macro Marvels
  10. The Fine Details
  11. Delicate Discoveries
  12. The Minutia Of Life
  13. The Secret World
  14. The Beauty of the small
  15. The Unseen World
  16. The Infinite Details
  17. Wonders of Macro
  18. Microcosm
  19. A Closer Look
  20. The Macro Perspective

Sports Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. The Endzone Eye
  2. Penalty Box View
  3. Action in Focus
  4. Court Captures
  5. Slam Dunk Snapshots
  6. The Athletic Lens
  7. The Puck Snapshot
  8. The Field of Focus
  9. The Football Frame
  10. The Game Through My Lens
  11. The Huddle and the Snapshot
  12. The Sports Photographer
  13. The Field in Focus
  14. The Athletic World Through the Camera
  15. Sports Moments Captured
  16. The Action Journey Through the Lens
  17. The Sports Portrait
  18. Outfield Observer
  19. The Sports Eye
  20. The Action Explorer’s Inspiration
  21. The Sports Photographic Ties
  22. The Athletic Documentarian
  23. The Field in Motion
  24. The Diamond Viewfinder
  25. The Athletic World Through the Viewfinder
  26. Sports Beauty Captured
  27. The Power Play Perspective
  28. The Sports Perspective
  29. The Slapshot Shutter
  30. The Sports Enthusiast
  31. The Athletic Artist

Wedding Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Big Day Photography
  2. Forever Captured
  3. Moments in Love
  4. The Big Day Lens
  5. Picture Perfect Weddings
  6. The Wedding Portrait
  7. The First Look
  8. The Love Artist
  9. The Wedding Lens
  10. I Do Photography
  11. Wedding Moments
  12. Wedding Bliss Photography
  13. Love in Focus
  14. Elegant Weddings Photography

Pet Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Furry Focus
  2. The Pet Lens
  3. Woof Snaps
  4. Pup Pics
  5. Canine Clicks
  6. Hound Shots
  7. Mutt Mementos
  8. DoggyDaze
  9. TailWaggers
  10. Barktography
  11. Furry Fotos
  12. Woofie Wonders
  13. The Paw in Focus
  14. Feline Fotos
  15. Purrfect Pics
  16. Whisker Snaps
  17. Cat Clicks
  18. Mews Mementos
  19. Clawverly Captured
  20. Kitten Kaptures
  21. CattyShots
  22. FelineFancy
  23. Pawsitively Purrfect
  24. The Pet World Through the Camera
  25. Pet Moments Captured
  26. The Pet Portrait
  27. The Pet Eye
  28. PetPics
  29. FurryFamilies
  30. SnapPet
  31. TailWags
  32. Pet Portrait Pro
  33. Pet Perfection
  34. PetShots
  35. PetSnap
  36. PetPicsPro
  37. PetPerfections
  38. The Pet Perspective
  39. Paws For A Moment
  40. Scale Shots
  41. Reptile Snap
  42. Herp Haven
  43. Lizard Lens
  44. Snake Snaps
  45. TurtleTales
  46. Croc Captures
  47. Gecko Glimpses
  48. Amphibian Art

Aerial Photography Blog Name Ideas

  1. Eye In The Sky
  2. SkyViews
  3. Air Snap
  4. DroneDaze
  5. AeroPics
  6. Aiming High
  7. WingedWonders
  8. UpInTheAir
  9. HighAltitudePics
  10. FlightFotos
  11. Bird’s Eye Views
  12. SkyScape
  13. Altitude Angles
  14. Aerial Adventures
  15. UpAbove
  16. Sky High Shots
  17. FlightPaths
  18. WingedPerspective
  19. AirborneImagery
  20. SkyScape Shots
  21. SkyViews
  22. High Flying Pics
  23. Drone Dreams
  24. UpInTheSky
  25. AeroImagery
  26. WingedVision
  27. SkyScapeSights
  28. AltitudeImagery
  29. Flight Fotos
  30. Up Above It All
  31. SkylineShots
  32. WingedWorld
  33. AirSnap
  34. Drone Diary
  35. AeroPicsPro
  36. Winged Wonders
  37. HighAltitudePics
  38. FlightFotos
  39. Bird’sEyeView
  40. SkyScapePro
  41. AltitudeAngles
  42. AerialAdventures
  43. UpAbove
  44. SkyHighShots
  45. Flight Paths
  46. Winged Perspective
  47. Airborne Imagery
  48. SkyScapeShots
  49. SkyViewPro
  50. High FlyingPics
  51. Drone Dreams
  52. UpInTheSky
  53. Aero Imagery
  54. WingedVision
  55. Airborne Angles
  56. Altitude Imagery

Photojournalism Blog Name Ideas

  1. In the Moment
  2. Real Life Stories
  3. The World Through a Lens
  4. Snapshot Journalism
  5. Picture This
  6. On the Ground
  7. Through the Viewfinder
  8. The Documentarian
  9. The Candid Camera
  10. The Truth in Pictures
  11. The Visual Narrative
  12. The Photojournal
  13. The Unseen World
  14. The Picture Tells the Story
  15. The Photographic Eye”
  16. The Frame of Truth
  17. The Image Makers
  18. The Picture Storytellers
  19. The Documentary Photographers
  20. The Camera’s Witness

5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Photography Blog Name

1. Decide On A Photography Blogging Niche

Before deciding what to name your blog, you must first choose your niche.

I’m sure you’ve already thought about this, but I’m always surprised by how many people say, “It’s a photography blog. I’ll blog about everything and anything photography-related”

Wow! That’s A LOT to cover!

In order to start a successful photography blog in 2024 you need to be a little more specific.

Start by asking:

  • What type of photography do I know the most about?
  • What kind of person am I writing my blog for?

Maybe you’re an expert at taking product photos for ads. Perhaps you know how to take stunning pictures without needing to buy expensive and complicated camera equipment. Or maybe you know everything there is to know about wedding photography and want to help beginners get started.

You’ll find it a lot easier to come up with a good name when you nail your blogging niche down and say:

“My photography blog will help [this group of people] to do [this topic].”

2. Get Inspiration From What’s Already Working

Look at the successful photography blogs out there to help you get the ideas rolling.

I’m not saying copy another blog’s name because you’d have no way of standing out, but being unique doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel.

My philosophy is: follow the same recipe but use different ingredients.

Let’s take a look at 3 popular photography blogs and their names and see how they can inspire you to up with your own. For this exercise, I’ll use Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus.com.

Behind The Shutter

Shutter (noun): a mechanical device that limits the passage of light; a camera component that allows light to enter by opening and closing an aperture.

Words or phrases like shutter: viewfinder, flash, lens, aperture, sensor, zoom, pentaprism, focus.


Creative (adjective): marked by the ability or power to create or (noun): one who is creative.

Words or phrases like creative: artistic, imaginative, visionary, innovative, ingenious, artist, craftsman,

Expert Photography

Expert (noun): one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.

Words or phrases like expert: master, guru, professional, specialist, pro, hot shot, authority, whiz, veteran.

Photography (noun): the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor).

Words or phrases like photography: visual arts, shooting, snapping, putting in the can, capturing, picture taking, camera work.

3. Use Alliteration To Come Up With A Catchy Name

Weight Watchers. Krispy Kreme. Range Rover. Coca-Cola. PayPal. Charlie Chaplin. Kim Kardashian.

Yes they’re all names of famous brands and people, but what else do they all have in common?

They’re all great examples of alliteration.

Using alliteration will make your blog name fun, catchy and memorable.

Picture Perfect Portraits, FocusFoto, Fashion Frame, Canine Clicks and Picturesque Plates are all photography blog name ideas that use alliteration.

4. Choose A Photography Blog Name You Can Grow With

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make in naming their blogs is picking something that will limit them in the future.

A couple of examples (off the top of my head) would be if you named your blog something like:

  • My iPhone 14 Pics
  • Dalmation Snaps

The first one is clearly going to be outdated after a couple of months and the second one might limit you if you want to expand to other photography topics further down the line.

So think about where you and your blog will be in 3, 5 and even 10 years from now. Will you still be happy with the name and do you have room to maneuver?

5. Choose A Name That’s Easy To Say & Spell

Imagine yourself telling a friend about your new photography blog. When you tell them the name, do you have to spell it out?

If so, you’ve probably not found the right one yet.

You want to pick a blog name that’s something simple and easy to say without any hyphens, misspellings or symbols so it’s memorable. I’d also recommend a .com domain wherever possible.

Common Photography Blog Naming FAQs

What If My Dream Photography Blog Name Is Already taken?

There are two things you can do:

You can contact the current blog owner and see if he’s willing to sell the domain name at a reasonable price, or you can get a little creative and find an alternative name that you like.

It’s easy to overthink the naming of your new blog but the truth is, the blog name alone won’t make or break it. Ultimately, it’s the quality of the content you create.

How Do You Know When You’ve Found The Right Name Idea?

You’ll get that shot of adrenaline coursing through your veins and when you check to see if the domain is available, it is – that’s when you know you’ve found the perfect fit!

Can I Name My Photography Blog After Myself?

Yes of course. A lot of photography bloggers do this. I’m thinking of Chase Jarvis and Joe Mcnally.

This can be a great naming strategy especially if you’re looking to position yourself as a photography expert or want to be seen as an authority in the photography space.

What Is The Best Photography Name Generator?

Nameboy is probably the best one because it’s free and easy to use.

You could also try:

Can I Change The Name Of My Photography Blog In The Future?

Yes, of course, you can change the name of your photography blog at any time.

All you do is buy a new domain name and migrate your blog over to the new URL. Whoever you shot your website with will be able to help with the technical aspects of the migration.

Have any more burning photography blog naming questions for us?

Post a comment below and Dale and I will help you out however we can.

Choosing A Photography Blog Name: The Bottom Line

Picking the right name for your blog is important, but don’t let it hold you back.

If you’re not completely in love with your blog name don’t get stuck. Remember, you can change it at any time in the future.

The key to starting a successful and profitable blog is creating value-added content that connects with readers and compels them to take action.

Yes, your blog name and branding are a part of that, but only a very small part.

Pick a name that accurately represents you and your blog that resonates with your target audience and then you’re ready to move on to the next step.

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