How Long Do Amazon Affiliate Cookies Last? What You Need To Know

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An Amazon affiliate cookie lasts for 24 hours so you’ll get a commission on every product a customer adds to their cart and buys within 24 hours of clicking your affiliate link.

Once 24 hours have passed, the cookie expires and you will no longer get credit for any sales.


Someone clicks on your link, doesn’t buy anything right away but then adds the product to their cart and proceeds to checkout and buys within 90 days

In that case, you’ll still get credit for the sale thanks to Amazon’s 90-day cookie… 

2 Ways To Get Your Amazon Cookie To Last 90 Days

Did you know there’s a sneaky (but totally legit!) way to get your referrals from Amazon’s 24-hour cookie to the 90-day cookie?

And no, it doesn’t involve any cookie stuffing!

All you have to do is create a special link that automatically adds the product to someone’s Amazon cart when they go through your affiliate link

This way, even if they don’t buy the product right away, you’ll still earn commissions as long as they purchase it within 90 days. 

1. The Hard Way

Unless you can code or afford to hire someone who can, your next step is to buy software that will give you access to the API and let you change a link into an “add-to-cart” button. 

2. The Easy Way

While there are a number of software programs that claim to be able to convert Amazon links to “Add to cart” links, we have found that Amalinks Pro is the most reliable and powerful plugin available.

Amalinks Pro provides access to the Amazon API, which allows you to quickly and easily create “Add to cart” links for any product. They also make it really easy to customize your links and track your results.

Here’s a video run through to help you get started:

What Is An Amazon Affiliate Cookie?

When you are a part of the Amazon Associates program, you have the opportunity to earn commissions on qualifying purchases made by customers who click on your affiliate links. 

But how does the Amazon Associate program know that the customer clicked on your link, and not another one? 

This is where the Amazon affiliate cookie comes in.

All affiliate programs use affiliate cookies and Amazon Associates is no different. An affiliate cookie is a tiny piece of data that is stored on a customer’s web browser when they click on an affiliate link.

The cookie contains info about the affiliate who referred the customer and when the cookie expires. 

When a customer makes a qualifying purchase within the cookie’s expiration date, the referring affiliate will earn a commission on that sale.

Affiliate marketing wouldn’t be possible without cookies.

Cookies last 30 days on average, but Amazon’s is a lot shorter. The upside though is you get paid for all the products your referral buys and not just the one you promoted.

So if you’re deciding whether or not to become an Amazon affiliate just weigh up the pros and cons and possibly look at alternatives to Amazon if you want higher commission rates and longer cookie durations.

Amazon Affiliate Cookies Duration: Bottom Line 

The Amazon Associates cookie is only valid for 24 hours. This means that if a customer clicks on your affiliate link but does not make a purchase until after the 24-hour period has passed, you will not receive credit for the referral.

However, if your referral adds a product to cart you’ll automatically get the 90-day cookie for that item.

So I hope that clarifies things a bit for you!

If you have any questions about how to make money with affiliate marketing then let us know in the comments and Dale or I will get straight back to you.

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