16 Best Life Coach Affiliate Programs (Highest Paying Memberships)

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More than 1.5 million searches per month are conducted online by individuals and companies looking for life coaches, executive coaches, and business coaches.

Why so many searches? These uplifting human beings (Life Coaches) will show you what you are capable of in life and help you to achieve it. The life coach industry keeps growing year by year.

The life coach industry has a $1 billion value in the United States alone. As an affiliate marketer, you can take advantage of it and it’s a win-win situation for you and your audience.

Many Paths Lead To Coaching, And Coaching Offers Many Paths!

There are 1000s of life coaches and programs but many are under-delivering with low quality. We have done our research and found the 16 best life coach affiliate programs for you.

So let’s dive straight in & get to it…

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16 Best Life Coach Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Brian Tracy
  • Coach Training Alliance
  • Create a Thriving Life Story
  • Human Potential Academy
  • Job Stars
  • Life Breakthrough Coaching
  • Life Coach Training Institute
  • Life Coach Hub
  • Life Energy Coaching
  • MaryMorrissey.com
  • Mentor Masterclass
  • Natural Wellness Academy
  • The Inner Talk Store
  • Tony Robbins
  • Transformation Academy
  • Udemy

1. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy Website Screenshot

Brian Tracy is the founder of Brian Tracy International and he is a popular & well-known public speaker. His main goal is to help people to achieve their goals (personal and business goals) more easier & faster than they ever imagined.

Through his 5,000 talks, he has addressed 5 million people and 1000+ companies.

One of his best-selling programs “Psychology Of Achievement” has been translated into 28+ languages.

Below you can find some of the Brian Tracy programs with high EPCs (earnings per click) and low refund rates…

  • 6-Figure Speaker
  • How To Write A Book And Become A Published Author
  • Power Of Personal Achievement
  • Maximum Productivity
  • 21st Century Sales Training For Elite Performance

The minimum payment threshold is $100 and you need to refer a minimum of 2 separated customers. They do accept self-purchases. Affiliates are paid with a 20% commission on all sales.

URLBrian Tracy Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – Commissions are paid within 60 days after purchase. They pay on the 15th of every month for the sales generated in the last month. Payments are made via PayPal, Check, Moneybookers, and Bank / Wire Transfer.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

2. Coach Training Alliance

Coach Training Alliance Website Screenshot

Coach Training Alliance was founded in 2000 and they are at the forefront of business & personal coaching. It has more than 15,000 students. They are providing life coach training & certification.

Coach Training Alliance is accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation). Some of its core programs are…

  • Certified Coach Program
  • Coach Training Accelerator
  • Yoga 2 Life

Its certified life coaching certifications are remote-based learning.

As an affiliate, you can earn more than $550 per referred class. They are paying a 15% in affiliate commission and its EPC is more than $300.

Coach Training Alliance affiliate program is powered by the ShareASale Affiliate Network.

URLCoach Training Alliance Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – With ShareASale, the minimum payout threshold is $50. Payments are made monthly on the 20th of each month via direct deposit, wire transfer, check/cheque, and Payoneer.

Cookie Duration – 365 days

3. Create a Thriving Life Story

Create a Thriving Life Story Website Screenshot

Gloria Manchester is the founder of Create A Thriving Life Story and she is the managing director of LEAP (Leadership Education Action Programs).

Some of the workshops provided by Create A Thriving Life Story are…

  • Emotional Health Coaching
  • Physical Health Coaching
  • Relationship Health Coaching
  • Financial Health Coaching

Leadership Coaching For Women, New Money Story Course, and Life & Leadership are the MasterClass provided by them.

There is a 30-day refund policy for purchasers. They are paying a 20% commission to their affiliates.

URLCreate a Thriving Life Story Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% (with special promotions up to 50%)

Payment – Commissions are paid on the 1st of each month.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

4. Human Potential Institute

Human Potential Institute Website Screenshot

In their words, The Human Potential Institute is a global pioneer within the fields of coach training & human potential development.

The Human Potential Institute is a member of the Association For Coaching. Its mission is to create training programs that improve people’s lives.

Dr Mark Atkinson is the founder and CEO of Human Potential Academy. It’s the learning platform of the Human Potential Institute. By taking their online courses you can become Human Potential Coach.

The Human Potential Coaches charge their clients $100 to $350 per hour. As an affiliate, you can earn $500 for each enrollment.

URLHuman Potential Institute Affiliate Program

Commission – $500 for each enrollment

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

5. Job Stars

Job Stars Website Screenshot

Job Stars are not only providing resume writing services, but they are also providing top-notch career coaching for professionals of all industries and experience levels.

It assists job seekers in making a career change and preparing for job interviews (Mock Interview Prep). The price ranges from $150 to $595.

Once you become their affiliate, they will provide you with all the details regarding your affiliate commission percentage and other benefits.

URLJob Stars Affiliate Program

Commission – Unknown

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 90 days

6. Life Breakthrough Coaching

Life Breakthrough Coaching Website Screenshot

Life Breakthrough Coaching was founded in 2009. It provides Christian coaching courses and they have trained & certified faith-based coaches in more than 60 countries.

Life Breakthrough Coaching is accredited by the Association for Coaching, Biblical Coaching Alliance, and BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Below you can find the training provided by Life Breakthrough Coaching.

  • Christian Life Coach Training
  • Christian Marriage Coach Training
  • Christian Pregnancy Coach Training
  • Christian Advanced Coach Training

To join their affiliate program you need to contact their support team.

URLLife Breakthrough Coaching Affiliate Program

Commission – Unknown

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

7. Life Coach Training Institute

Life Coach Training Institute Website Screenshot

Based on their words, the Life Coach Training Institute is the largest life coach training program in North America. They also claim to be the #1 life coach certification online program. They are based in San Diego.

Paul Dabdoub is the founder of Life Coach Training Institute and he is a certified coach through Gallup University.

As an affiliate, you can earn 10-20% in commission.

You can find the affiliate commission structure breakdown below…

  • Subscription Products – 10% Commission
  • Products Value Less Than $100 – 10% Commission
  • Products Vale More Than $100 – 20% Commission

For subscription products, you will receive a recurring commission as long as the customer is active.

URLLife Coach Training Institute Affiliate Program

Commission – 10-20%

Payment – Affiliate commissions are paid on the 1st of every month and the minimum payment threshold is $50.

Cookie Duration – 60 days

8. Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub Website Screenshot

The Life Coach Hub is a community of life coaches. With Life Coach Hub, you can connect with real coaches and you can propel your coaching career.

With the help of Life Coach Hub, you can find a coach for almost any type of coaching. You can find some of the coaching types below.

Life Coach, Business Coach, Health Coach, Career Coach, Fitness Coach, Health Coach, Relationship Coach, Communication Coach, Writing Coach, Success Coach, Performance Coach, Leadership Coach, Marketing Coach, Spiritual Coach, Happiness Coach, Parenting Coach, and more.

The best thing is life coaching is done over the phone and online. They are providing software to automate and organize your coaching.

Life Coach Hub offers a free plan with limited access and its pricing plans ($17-$57 per month) come with a 14-day free trial.

With Life Coach Hub, you can earn 2 types of referral fees.

  1. Sign-up Commissions – $25
  2. Recurring Commissions – 20%

Once you reached the $100 minimum payout threshold, Life Coach Hub will offer you a signing bonus.

URLLife Coach Hub Affiliate Program

Commission – $25 on sign-ups and 20% on recurring commission

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is $100 and commissions are paid only via PayPal. Commissions are paid 3 days after you reached the minimum payout threshold of $100.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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9. Life Energy Coaching

Life Energy Coaching Website Screenshot

Life Energy Coaching was founded by Shirley and Murray Ansell in 2005. Life Energy Coaching helps in changing human energy to quickly generate personal, financial, and relationship breakthroughs.

It provides coaching for Personal, Relationship, and Parenting. Some of the products offered by Life Energy Coaching are…

  • Human Energetics (eBook)
  • Feel Great Now! (Starter Program)
  • Many Transformational Videos
  • Group Energy Coaching Programs (Life Or Business)
  • Modular Programs (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3)

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $4,600 in commissions from a single referral. To get better results, they advise affiliates to join their strategy session before joining their affiliate program.

In the strategy session (20-minutes), they will help you align your consciousness & energy with succeeding with your goals.

URLLife Energy Coaching Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

10. MaryMorrissey.com

Mary Morrissey Website Screenshot

Mary Morrissey is the founder of the Brave Thinking Institute and MaryMorrissey.com. She is an international speaker and best-selling author. Her mission is to empower people to create lives they love living.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 50% in commissions. You can earn affiliate commissions by promoting below Mary Morrissey’s programs.

  • Into Your Genius
  • The DreamBuilder Program
  • DreamBuilder Live Event Tickets
  • 8 Spiritual Secrets For Multiplying Your Money
  • My Morning Mentor

You are going to earn affiliate commissions for making a difference in people’s lives. That’s a win-win situation!

URLMaryMorrissey.com Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to 50%

Payment – Commissions are paid via Check or PayPal once every 45 days.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

11. Mentor Masterclass

Mentor Masterclass Website Screenshot

The founder of Mentor Masterclass is Jeannine Yoder and she is a master life coach and mentor.

In their words, Mentor Masterclass is an all-in life coaching training certificate program and sisterhood for women.

Its holiday promotion is promoted in December and the one-year Mentor Masterclass program is open and rolling enrollment. They will come up with one big launch every year.

Below you can have an inside look at what you will get with the one-year program.

  • Live Group Training Calls
  • In-depth Workbooks
  • Celebrity Mentor Training
  • Weekly Action Assignments
  • Sister Circle
  • Coaching Practice Partners
  • Private FB Group
  • Progress Tracking & Celebration Tools

As an affiliate, you can earn $1000 for each referral that signs up for the yearly program.

URLMentor Masterclass Affiliate Program

Commission – $1000 for each referral

Payment – Payments are paid via PayPal or Check after 60 days (there is a refund period).

Cookie Duration – Unknown

12. Natural Wellness Academy

Nature Wellness Academy Website Screenshot

Natural Wellness Academy was established in 2013 by Dr LindaJoy Rose. With the help of their courses, you can become a wellness professional in 6 to 12 months.

They have been featured in Reader’s Digest, Tampa Bay Wellness, HuffPost, eHow, Yahoo, Thrive, and more.

Affiliates can earn $50-$150 in commissions.

Below you can find the Natural Wellness Academy affiliate commission structure breakdown.

  • The Holistic Health and Life Coaching Certification – $150
  • The Cannabis Coaching Certification – $150
  • The Spiritual Wellness Specialist – $100
  • The Mind Dynamics Life Coach – $100
  • The Gut Health Specialist – $100
  • The Nature Therapy Guide Certification – $50

URLNatural Wellness Academy Affiliate Program

Commission – $50 – $150

Payment – Commissions are paid via PayPal every 45 days.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

13. The Inner Talk Store

Inner Talk Store Website Screenshot

In their words, Inner Talk is the super centre of personal improvement. Inner Talk’s parent company is called Progressive Awareness.

Since 1984 they are improving lives and Eldon Taylor is the main person behind the Inner Talk.

The Inner Talk Store sells Inner Talk products. It has more than 300 downloadable products. You can shop in the below category.

  • Better Life
  • Success
  • Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Children and Parenting
  • Spirituality
  • Leadership
  • Habits and Addiction and more

All their products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. These products add value to life coaches and their clients.

The Inner Talk Store affiliate program is powered by the ShareASale affiliate network. You can earn a 20% commission on all the products.

URLThe Inner Talk Store Affiliate Program

Commission – 20%

Payment – ShareASale’s minimum payment threshold is $50. Affiliate commissions are paid monthly on the 20th of each month via wire transfer, direct deposit, check/cheque, and Payoneer.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

14. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Website Screenshot

Tony Robbins needs no introduction but still, I will give a short introduction. He is a very popular and famous global authority on peak performance. Tony is a best-selling author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and more.

Through his live seminars, educational videos, and audio programs he has empowered 50+ million people.

Tony’s program “Unleash The Power Within” is very famous and changed many people’s lives.

They are providing coaching in the below categories…

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Results Training
  • Results Coaching
  • Health Coaching

To join Tony’s affiliate program you need to email them or contact their affiliate manager ([email protected]).

Selling is at ease when it comes to Tony Robbins programs and products. They are offering a 15% commission with a 45 days affiliate cookie length.

URLTony Robbins Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – 45 days

15. Transformation Academy

Transformational Academy Website Screenshot

Transformation Academy is an online education company that provides Life Coach Certification Programs and online courses for INDIEpreneurs (self-employed freedom junkies), transformers, seekers, and super-growers.

It is based in Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA. It has served more than 700K students. Joeel (not a typo error) and Natalie are the founders of Transformation Academy.

Transformation Academy claims to be the only life coach training company to offer more than 25 niche life coach certification programs.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 50% recurring commission. Because of the 30-day refund policy, there is a holding period of 60 days before you receive your affiliate commissions. Its affiliate cookie duration is amazing.

URLTransformation Academy Affiliate Program

Commission – 50% recurring

Payment – Payments are made via PayPal and paid on the 1st week of the month.

Cookie Duration – For life

16. Udemy

Udemy Website Screenshot

Among the several 1000s of courses, Udemy offers life coach certification programs as well. With Udemy, you can find life coaching courses and you can create your own life coaching course as well.

In their words, they are the global destination for online learning and teaching online.

Udemy makes the world’s expertise accessible. It’s a popular learning and teaching platform for online courses. As of December 2021, Udemy’s total number of courses was more than 196,000 in 75 languages with 52 million learners.

The top learning categories are Personal Development, Business, Design, Development, IT & Software, Marketing, Photography, and Music.

All Udemy courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s one of the reasons, why they are paying affiliate commissions after 60 days. Affiliates are paid with a 15% commission on every sale.

URLUdemy Affiliate Program

Commission – 15%

Payment – The minimum payout threshold is $50. Its payout frequency is Net 60 (after 60 days) and they pay via Direct Deposits, Checks or PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 7 days

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