7 Best Forex Affiliate Programs To Earn Money Without Trading

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With the 7 best Forex affiliate programs listed on this page, you can earn money through Forex without trading.

Commonly referred to as affiliate brokering, Forex programs are essential for marketers who are seeking the highest commission rates & with a relatively straightforward signup process, the good news is that anyone can reap the benefits of these opportunities.

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7 Best Forex Affiliate Programs

There are several highly recommended platforms that affiliates use to promote Forex. The options below boast highly competitive commission rates paired with access to industry-leading resources.

1. FxPro

FxPro Website Screenshot

FxPro is one of the best-established platforms specializing in various markets, including CFDs and Forex. With a demo account, you get the added benefit of $100 to put towards a real account for trading. Additionally, they feature a unique Partner Program, allowing affiliates to earn up to 62.5% of the spread revenue acquired from their leads.

Known as the Introducer Partner Program, affiliates can bring more clients to FxPro and gain profits at the same time. After becoming an Introducer, there are three distinct categories you’ll be placed in FX Minor, FX Exotic, or FX Major. The commission you earn is based entirely on trading volume within each tier.

Using your links as an Introducer, you can earn a commission fee of up to $45 per $1 million traded. Alternatively, FxPro offers a standard affiliate program. With this program, you simply share your link and earn rewards from the leads you bring in.

You’ll unlock different promotional resources with the standard option, such as banners, widgets, calendars, and other marketing materials. Typically, affiliates in the standard program can earn up to $1,100 for each referral. This number can fluctuate depending on how much your leads deposit into their accounts.

URL: FxPro Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to 62.5% of spread revenue

2. Traders Union

Traders Union Website Screenshot

If you are looking for a Forex affiliate program that lets you earn from multiple brokers, Traders Union is ideal. Users will be able to open multiple accounts with different brokers, generating double the income as with other affiliate programs. Their program is unique because they’ve partnered with over 100 brokers, making it easier to qualify.

With Traders Union, there are several benefits you will have access to, such as detailed statistics and metrics. Affiliates will be able to build their own networks, helping them earn more through the program’s two-tier system. Another massive benefit is that their average return is higher than expected.

Affiliates who use Traders Union can earn up to 10% per client referral. Additionally, you get 5% of any referrals brought in by your referred clients. Plus, the program offers an impressive number of promotional materials.

The benefits your referrals get are also considerably better than with other affiliate programs. Traders Union provides all referrals with rebates after completing Forex transactions. Even if the transaction isn’t profitable, they have a chance to receive some of their investment back.

URL: Traders Union Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

3. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets Website Screenshot

One of the largest benefits of Admiral Markets’ affiliate program is how straightforward the onboarding process is. Affiliates will have four distinct steps to follow before being allowed to earn commissions. As soon as you’re fully registered, you can begin to unlock a combination of fantastic benefits.

Admiral Markets has a complete index of promotional materials to consider and take advantage of, including banners. They are a fantastic resource for adding eye-catching advertisements to your website and blog posts. Outside of the marketing materials, affiliates can also earn competitive commissions compared to other platforms.

Each time you gain a referral and make a successful transaction, you can earn up to $600. However, like other programs, the total commission is based on the deposit amount of your referrals’ new accounts. Payment processing is relatively quick and flexible, offering multiple withdrawal methods.

Admiral Markets has a dedicated dashboard for professionals to take your affiliate marketing a step further. Using the dashboard, you can review your statistics, read informational materials, and work with the support team for 24/7 guidance.

URL: Admiral Markets Affiliate Program

Commission: $600/referral

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4. XM

XM Website Screenshot

One of the best ways to increase your income from affiliate marketing is to provide the best offers to customers. With XM, marketers can advertise many key benefits, one of which is low minimum deposits.

Low minimum deposits can be a fantastic way to improve your chances of getting more referrals, especially for beginner traders. On XM, the minimum deposits are as low as $5, making it easily accessible for everyone.

Also, from an affiliate perspective, you can earn multiple commissions from each client. Second-tier referrals also provide a 10% commission, giving you plenty of options to generate more affiliate income.

You’ll receive a partner account and an account manager when you sign up to be an affiliate marketer with XM. With an account manager, you’ll have a professional to help guide you through the process and make the highest commission. Also, you’ll never have to worry about signup fees, as you can join entirely for free.

Promoting XM to your website visitors is simple, as their platform features several ways to attract higher sales. For example, they currently offer bonuses of deposits paired with leverage up to 888:1. With 16 total platforms, the opportunities are endless, enticing prospective referrals from step one.

URL: XM Affiliate Program

Commission: 10%

5. eToro

eToro Website Screenshot

eToro is a fantastic platform for helping people get into Forex, especially as it’s such an informative site. With a profile, you can review numerous statistics, such as the specific risk for each trader. You can also look at an overview of your total trades and the income earned in the process.

As an affiliate marketer, you must find a platform with your needs in mind. The partners’ program with eToro has paid over $400 million in affiliate fees since its creation. Hence, there’s no doubt you can have peace of mind that your hard work will be rewarded.

More than 20 million people use eToro worldwide, which is ideal for affiliates. You’ll easily be able to market the platform to a large audience, especially as it’s such a reputable name brand in Forex trading. Additionally, eToro has a collection of tools you can use to market the products effectively.

Once you follow the steps to create an eToro Partner account, you will unlock the tools. Affiliates will gain access to what they need to encourage higher clicks and account registrations. Also, you have the added benefit of top-tier customer support via a partner agent.

URL: eToro Affiliate Program

Commission: Unknown

6. Swissquote

Swissquote Website Screenshot

Regardless of the type of trading strategy you want to use, Swissquote has a platform to help. They work with multiple types of assets, from crypto to Forex. Also, they are a great site for first-time investors who want to look at other types of investment products.

Joining the affiliate program with Swissquote gives you access to their partner-only features. Also, during signup, you can choose from two distinct options.

The first option is a basic program where you can be a sponsor. As a sponsor, you simply get an affiliate link posted on your site or your blog. As users click the link, you get rewards when they register for an account and add funds.

The second option is to become a part of the Brokers Partnership Plan. As a broker partner, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of more and higher rewards. The Brokers Partnership Plan provides additional features as well, such as:

  • Advanced client tracking
  • Automated commission reporting
  • Tailored reward schemes

You’ll be able to refer private clients and institutions to the platform for trading, as it’s so diverse. It’s important to note that all rewards acquired from Swissquote will be paid in CHF (Swiss Francs).

URL: Swissquote Affiliate Program

Commission: Varies per client


FXCM Website Screenshot

One of the largest benefits of FXCM is something affiliates experience immediately, which is zero affiliate fees with any account. The platform also has a more thorough approval process, ensuring every created account is legitimate. After going through the steps to signup, your account can take up to five business days to get approved.

You must meet specific criteria to be eligible to access the affiliate program. For example, all individuals must be 18 years of age or older. You will also need to explain how you intend to bring in traffic, such as through a blog, website, or mobile app.

Once approved, you’ll then have access to the Affiliate Management System from FXCM. There, you’ll find an assortment of marketing resources to help you drive more clicks to acquire more signups. Also, there are tracking tools included in the account to help you keep an eye on your metrics.

URL: FXCM Affiliate Program

Commission: Up to $750/client

Becoming a Forex Affiliate

Unlocking the benefits of the 7 best Forex affiliate programs listed above can help you make more money as an affiliate marketer.

Each of the platforms provides an excellent option for your site or blog, thanks to their intuitively designed marketing tools and plenty of referral bonuses.

So it’s safe to say that if you’ve been looking for a way to generate substantial passive income, becoming a Forex affiliate is a great way to start.

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