14 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs (Software For Building Email Lists)

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In 2020, the total number of email users (worldwide) amounted to 4 billion & in 2025, it is expected to grow to 4.6 billion users.

On top of that, in 2021, it was estimated that 319.6 billion emails were sent and received daily around the globe & in 2025, that is expected to increase to 376.4 billion daily emails.

The popularity of social media, chat apps, and messengers are not an obstacle to the growth of email marketing. More than 80% of marketers and businesses prefer email marketing.

The TRUTH is… Email marketing offers a high return on investment (ROI)!

Every successful marketer and successful brand does email marketing. They are keen on growing their email list and focusing more on email marketing.

Never underestimate the old saying…

The Money Is In The List!

So without further ado, to help you cash in on this booming industry as an affiliate, let’s explore the 14 best email marketing affiliate programs.

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14 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are listed in alphabetical order.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • BigMailer
  • Constant Contact
  • Convertkit
  • EmailOctopus
  • GetResponse
  • MailerLite
  • Moosend
  • Omnisend
  • Sendinblue
  • Sendy
  • Sendlane
  • Stripo

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Website Screenshot

ActiveCampaign is used by more than 150,000 businesses in 170 countries. It’s a customer-centric platform for marketing, sales, & service.

They are not only providing the best email marketing service but they are the global leader in customer experience automation. Its pricing plans start at $9 a month (Lite Yearly Plan – 500 contacts).

ActiveCampaign provides easy-to-use, flexible, reliable, and powerful tools. Based on their words, they are not just an email marketing provider but they are a partner in your online growth.

They are providing you with marketing automation, email marketing, and CRM tools with more than 850 integrations.

ActiveCampaign offers…

  • Free Online Training
  • Free Tools
  • Free Migration
  • Free Support

You can try ActiveCampaign for free! They are providing a 14-day free trial with limited access.

With ActiveCampaign, affiliates can earn an average of $1350 per referral.

To become an ActiveCampaign affiliate, you need to be their customer (you need to have an account with them). As an affiliate, you can earn a recurring commission of 20-30%.

The initial commission percentage is 20% (baseline) but when you refer more customers with a high retention rate your affiliate commission can go up to 30%.

URLActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

Commission – 20-30% recurring commission

Payment – Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal

Cookie Duration – 90 days

2. AWeber

AWeber Website Screenshot

Aweber is an all-in-one solution and they are in the market for 20+ years. It helps to grow your business, sell more and engage with your audience actively, all from one platform (an all-in-one solution).

AWeber is the first email marketing provider to integrate with Canva. Its marketing solutions are…

  • Email Marketing
  • Email Automation
  • Proven & Effective Templates
  • E-commerce Pages
  • Landing Page Builder and
  • Web Push Notifications

AWeber offers a free plan for up to 500 email subscribers.

You can earn up to 50% recurring commission with AWeber and that’s one of the highest commissions paid in the email marketing industry.

As an AWeber advocate (they call their affiliates advocates), you can increase your conversion and commission by using their customer referral newsletter, article library, and explainer videos.

Below you can find the affiliate commission breakdown.

  • All affiliates earn a 30% commission on paid accounts
  • When an affiliate refers 10 or more new paid accounts in their trailing 12 months they will earn a 40% commissions
  • When an affiliate refers 50 or more new paid accounts in their trailing 12 months they will earn a 50% commissions

URLAWeber Affiliate Program

Commission – Up to 50% recurring commission for a lifetime

Payment – Payments are made via PayPal and the minimum payout threshold is $30.

Cookie Duration – 365 days

3. BigMailer

BigMailer Website Screenshot

BigMailer helps you to manage all your emails & brands in one place. You can also do email marketing via Amazon SES.

With BigMailer you can improve your email deliverability and inbox placement, merge tags, manage contacts, work with automation or drip campaigns, connect your BigMailer account to Amazon SES, and more.

BigMailer is offering a free trial. You can integrate BigMailer with…

  • Shopify
  • Zapier
  • Pabbly
  • Zoho
  • Integromat
  • Salesforce
  • Slack and more

They are offering a double incentive. This means when you refer a customer you will get a 20% commission and the referred customer will receive a 20% off of the 1st month’s service with BigMailer. This will increase conversion and sales.

Affiliate commissions are withheld for 30 days. If an affiliate failed to produce any leads for 90 days, his/her account will be automatically deleted.

URLBigMailer Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% recurring commission for 12 months

Payment – Affiliate commissions are paid on the 1st of every month via PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is $100.

Cookie Duration – 60 days

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Website Screenshot

Constant Contact’s journey started in 1995 and they are in the market for 20+ years. It helps small business owners in marketing their business by simplifying complex tasks.

With their features, you can create email campaigns like a Pro. Below you can find some of the features of Constant Contact.

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, 100’s of Design Templates, Landing Pages, List-Building Tools, A/B Testing, Integrations, Reporting, Event Marketing, and more.

Getting the emails delivered to your audience is the ultimate goal. However, you don’t need to worry about it with Constant Contact because it has a best-in-class 97% delivery rate.

They are offering a 60-day free trial and its core plan price starts at $9.99 per month.

You will earn $105 for referring a new account and you also earn $5 for each free trial.

The Constant Contact affiliate program is powered by the Impact Radius and Commission Junction affiliate networks.

URLConstant Contact Affiliate Program

Commission – $105 ($5 for each free trial)

Payment – Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal and there is a holding period of 90 days.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

5. Convertkit

ConvertKit Website Screenshot

ConvertKit has 428,152+ customers (creators) connecting with 253 million people. Its mission is to help creators earn a living and grow their businesses with email.

On top of the email marketing service, they also provide you with a landing page builder. You can find some of the ConvertKit features below…

  • Email Marketing
  • Email Sign-Up Forms
  • Email Designer
  • Landing Pages
  • Automations
  • Commerce
  • Creator Pro
  • Integrations and more

With ConvertKit’s free concierge migration service, you can switch from your previous autoresponder service with ease.

ConvertKit offers a free plan with limited access and they are offering a 14-day free trial. Its paid plans come with a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

Without being their customer you can promote ConvertKit. As an affiliate, you can earn a 30% recurring commission for up to 24 months.

There is no minimum payment threshold with ConvertKit and you can withdraw your affiliate commissions after 30 days of the holding period.

URLConvertKit Affiliate Program

Commission – 30% recurring commission for up to 2 years (24 months)

Payment – There is a 30-day holding period (withheld) before they pay the affiliate commissions because of their refund policy. Payouts are made via PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

6. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus Website Screenshot

EmailOctopus was established in 2015. Its main goal is to make email marketing easier and cheaper. More than 56,000 organizations and companies are using EmailOctopus.

With EmailOctopus you can create customizable forms for your website and create awesome landing pages.

You can customize any template by using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. With EmailOctopus you can import your HTML templates or build your templates.

EmailOctopus helps you to connect with your favourite apps, set campaigns on autopilot, build emails, grow your list, analyze results, and more.

With its free starter plan, you can have up to 2,500 subscribers and send up to 10,000 emails per month. Its Pro plan starts at $8 per month.

To become an EmailOctopus affiliate, you need to have an account with them. EmailOctopus approve the affiliate commissions on the 2nd of every month and you will be paid on the 5th of every month.

URLEmailOctopus Affiliate Program

Commission – 30% recurring commissions for 12 months.

Payment – Before getting your commissions there is a 30-day holding period (refunds). The minimum payout threshold is $50. Commissions are paid on the 5th of every month via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 31 days

7. GetResponse

GetResponse Website Screenshot

GetResponse was launched in 1998. It has 350,000+ customers from 183 countries. 100,000+ businesses are growing with them and more than 764,556,063 emails are delivered weekly.

In their words, GetResponse is the world’s leading online marketing software for small and big businesses. It is trusted by big and small brands and they are helping small and big businesses to do what they do, BETTER!

GetResponse helps in Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Conversion Funnel, Website Building, Creating Pages, and E-commerce Marketing.

They are offering more than 30 tools with 125+ integrations.

GetRespons offers a 30-day free trial and they are also offering a free-forever plan with limited access. You can have up to 500 contacts with their free plan. Its paid plan (2 years plan) starts at $13.30 per month.

GetResponse has 2 programs.

  1. Affiliate Recurring Program – 33% monthly recurring commissions.
  2. Affiliate Bounty Programs – Upfront commission of $100 per sale.

If you are not sure which program to choose, you can join both programs and experiment with both to pick the one that works for you.

URLGetResponse Affiliate Program

Commission – 33% monthly recurring commission or one-time upfront commission of $100 per sale.

Payment – Commissions are paid after 60 days (sales verification period) and the minimum payout threshold is $50. Payouts are paid on the 20th of each month.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

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8. MailerLite

MailerLite Website Screenshot

MailerLite’s journey started in 2005 as a web designing company and it was established in 2010. As of this writing, it has 1,441,546 customers worldwide. MailerLite provides businesses with a powerful email solution.

Below you can find some of the features of MailerLite…

  • Email Marketing
  • Transactional Emails
  • Email Verifier
  • Signup Forms
  • Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Builder
  • Create A Blog
  • Newsletter Editors
  • E-commerce and more

They provide you with some helpful resources such as an email marketing guide, video tutorials, blogs and a knowledge base.

MailerLite’s free plan comes with limited access (up to 1,000 subscribers). They are offering a 30-day free trial and its paid plan (the annual plan) starts at $9 per month.

They are providing 24/7 support and the average response time on the chat is 5 minutes. Affiliates can earn a 30% lifetime recurring commission.

URLMailerLite Affiliate Program

Commission – 30% monthly recurring commission for a lifetime

Payment – They only pay their affiliates via PayPal within 45 days of your claim. The minimum payment threshold is $50.

Cookie Duration – Unknown

9. Moosend

Moosend Website Screenshot

In their words, they are the easiest email marketing & automation software. Moosend is an easy-to-use email marketing platform and Moosend is a Sitecore company.

Moosend is trusted by Vogue, Gucci, Dixons, Ogilvy, Isobar, WWF, and more.

Some of the Moosend features are Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Subscription Forms, Lead Generation, Landing Pages, Newsletter Editor, CRM Tools, Tracking, E-commerce AI, Integrations, Audience Management, Analytics, and more.

Moosend is offering a 30-day free trial and their paid plan (annual Pro plan) starts at $7 per month.

Moosend’s Earnings Per Click (EPC) is >$2 and its paid conversion rate is 13-15%.

Moosend has paid more than $250,000 in affiliate commission. You can join the Moosend affiliate program without being their customer.

URLMoosend Affiliate Program

Commission – 30% recurring commissions for life

Payment – The minimum payment threshold is $25. Payments are paid via PayPal and Stripe within the first 20 working days.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

10. Omnisend

Omnisend Website Screenshot

Omnisend was founded in 2014 and it was formerly called Soundest.

Omnisend has more than 70,000 customers worldwide and its mission is to make marketing relevant. Omnisend helps in sending personalized messages to the right person, at the right time, and by using the right channel.

Below you can find the Omnisend features…

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Web Push Notification
  • SMS
  • Popups & Forms
  • Segmentation
  • Audience Sync For Ads
  • Reports

It has a free plan by using it you can send up to 500 emails per month. The average ticket response time is 5 minutes. It can be integrated with more than 50 E-commerce apps.

There is a 30-day holding period before you receive your affiliate commissions.

Its affiliate program is managed by the Partnerstack affiliate network. You will receive 20% monthly recurring commissions for new paid sign-ups.

URLOmnisend Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% monthly recurring commissions

Payment – Partnerstack’s payouts are made via PayPal or Stripe.

Cookie Duration – 30 days

11. Sendinblue

Sendinblue Website Screenshot

Sendinblue helps in taking your digital marketing to the next level. Its mission is to make the most effective marketing channels accessible to all businesses.

It was started in 2012 by Armand Thiberge and they are headquartered in Paris. They have 300,000+ active users from 160 countries and 100 million emails sent and received every day.

Its all-in-one marketing platform consists of…

  • Email Marketing
  • Email API
  • Transactional Email
  • Marketing Automation
  • Signup Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • SMS Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Chat
  • CRM and more

Sendinblue offers a free plan with limited access (up to 300 emails per day). Its paid plan (Lite) starts at $25 per month.

To get your affiliate account validated you need to refer one new paid customer to Sendinblue.

As an affiliate, you will earn €5 when your referral creates a free account and you will earn €100 when your referral becomes a subscriber.

URLSendinblue Affiliate Program

Commission – Free account setup €5 and €100 for a subscription.

Payment – Monthly payouts are made via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 90 days

12. Sendlane

Sendlane Website Screenshot

Sendlane was started in 2013 and 1700+ companies are using Sendlane. They are sending 40 million emails every day.

Sendlane’s world-class support, ease of use, and top-notch deliverability differentiate them from other email marketing service providers. Their average response time is 30 seconds.

Some of Sendlane’s features are…

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Intelligent Pop-ups
  • SMS Marketing
  • Multivariable Segmentation
  • Integrations
  • Analytics
  • Sendlane Beacon
  • Multivariate Testing and more

Sendlane’s solution helps you to retain your customers and they are offering a 14-day free trial.

Its paid plan “Growth” (annual plan) starts at $83 per month and its “Professional” plan (annual plan) price starts at $229. They are offering 20% recurring commissions for 2 years.

URLSendlane Affiliate Program

Commission – 20% recurring commissions for 2 years

Payment – Unknown

Cookie Duration – Unknown

13. Sendy

Sendy Website Screenshot

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter app and it uses Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to send emails. With the help of Sendy, you can send bulk emails at a low price, you can send trackable emails without sacrificing deliverability.

Below you can find some of its features…

Autoresponder email, send newsletters, segments for any list, list & subscriber management, custom domains, 3rd party integrations, white labelled client accounts, and more.

Sendy charges a one-time fee of $69 and there are no recurring fees.

To join their affiliate program you need to be their customer and you will earn $12 for every sale.

URLSendy Affiliate Program

Commission – $12 per sale

Payment – Upon closing a sale, they pay a commission within 24 hours. Commissions are paid via PayPal.

Cookie Duration – 60 days

14. Stripo

Stripo Website Screenshot

Stripo was launched in February 2017. They are using the popular Firstpromoter platform with convenient dashboards.

Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform with more than 600,000 users from 182 countries. It has more than 1050 ready-to-use email templates.

Some of the Stripo products are Demo Editor, Template Gallery, Plugin, Gmail Promo Builder, Template Generator, Brand Kit Generator, and more.

They are offering a free plan (no time limits). Stripo provides you with helpful resources such as webinars, courses, blogs and a help centre. By using these resources you can improve your conversion.

Its YouTube channel “Stripo Email Design Platform” has many useful videos that will teach you more about how to utilize this platform and get the best out of it.

Their affiliates are making an average of $200 per month. With the Stripo affiliate program, you will earn a 25% recurring commission for a lifetime.

URLStripo Affiliate Program

Commission – 25% lifetime recurring

Payment – The minimum payment threshold is $100 and the payments are paid via PayPal and Wize. Payouts are paid monthly.

Cookie Duration – 120 days

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