9 Best Coupon Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

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Something about the “coupon affiliate” thing captures people’s interests and gets them excited. And why wouldn’t it?

The 9 best coupon affiliate programs on this page can help coupon code providers, networks and companies, and coupon users, in general, in many different ways.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out these programs and discover the wonderful income-generating opportunities they can offer and how you can start earning daily commissions.

Best Coupon Affiliate Programs

What’s great about the coupon websites listed below is that you can typically make more money with them than with usual platforms. Read more about each site below & find out why.

1. Coupon Surfer Affiliate Program

Coupon Surfer Website Screenshot

The Coupon Surfer program comes second on our list, and it specializes in the provision of printable grocery coupons, web coupon codes, and local-store cashback.

The program can save customers anywhere from one dollar to three hundred. What’s more, you can join the site for free and save big money by becoming a member.

Aside from the free sign-up, the site also pays up to 40 cents for each valid referral.

ShareASale manages the program, and many know how trustworthy this affiliated network is, so there’s nothing to worry about. It has a conversion rate of around 16 percent, which is quite decent, and a thirty-day tracking period of cookie life.

URL: Coupon Surfer Affiliate Program

Commission: $0.20 to $0.40 for each referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Deal Taker Affiliate Program

Deal Taker Website Screenshot

Deal Taker takes the first spot on our list of coupon affiliate programs, and for a good reason. The site offers a vast assortment of coupons from small and large companies that people can use to save money or claim discounts.

Deal Taker offers all kinds of deals, from fashion and clothing to gadgets and groceries. It’s also been around for some time, so you can be sure that it’s trustworthy. Impact Radius manages this affiliate program where valid referrals earn affiliate marketers a 3% commission.

The program’s cookie life or tracking period is thirty days, and it provides different kinds of resources for promotion, such as banners, media source tracking, and text links.

You can earn as high as $67.50 monthly from making just one sale per month. Now even you can’t argue how promising that sounds. Visit the actual site to learn more.

URL: Deal Taker Affiliate Program

Commission: 3% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. WP Coupons Affiliate Program

WP Coupons Website Screenshot

As far as the best WordPress plugin for coupon codes, it’s hard to beat WP Coupons.

Affiliate marketers developed the program for affiliate marketers to boost revenue and boost it considerably. You can either use the plugin for your site or recommend others as affiliates to earn decent commissions.

Speaking of commissions, WP Coupons has crazy-high ones, at least in comparison to most coupon programs. You can get paid a 20% commission on all valid sales.

Payments are made through PayPal, and the cookie length is 60 days. The cool thing about this program is that it doesn’t ask for a minimum payment.

It also provides complete assistance to all approved affiliates in the form of a support team, a statistical panel, and ad creative assets.

URL: WP Coupons Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% commission

Cookie Duration: 60 days

4. Ibotta Affiliate Program

Ibotta Website Screenshot

Who isn’t after cashback and other opportunities to save money on groceries and other purchases? We can tell you the majority of us certainly are.

And if you happen to be one of us, Ibotta can help a great deal.

Ibotta is a mobile technology company that’s been helping people save money since 2011. So, again, they’re a business you can trust.

You can find the best deals and offers by simply downloading the Ibotta app or adding it as an extension on Chrome. There’s nothing to it.

Did you know they’ve paid close to a million in cashback since they started operations? They have come a long way and aren’t showing any signs of stopping.

This is a good sign for those who have a bigger audience. You get paid a two-dollar commission for each registered user.

On top of that, you gain access to thousands of offers other people can view, which could, in turn, earn you consistent referrals.

URL: Ibotta Affiliate Program

Commission: $2 per referral

Cookie Duration: One day

5. Coupons.com Affiliate Program

Coupons.com Website Screenshot

It’s easy to figure out what the site offers judging by its name. Still, to give you a clearer picture, coupons.com showers you with exclusive deals, coupon codes, and discount offers on anything and everything, including the usual suspects of groceries, household appliances, and food.

They are among the top coupon companies in the world and have been around since 1998.

Their website offers a look at some of the most wonderful saving opportunities. They have a link for downloading the coupons.com app, which should provide you with more convenience.

There’s a vast assortment of options for bigger savings and better growth, from digital coupons and coupon codes to printable codes.

Coupons.com pays variable commissions. While it hasn’t really disclosed much about this part of the program to the public, there have been many cases when people have earned around 10 cents or more.

Learn more about this affiliate program by visiting their site.

URL: Coupons.com Affiliate Program

Commission: 10 cents or variable

Cookie Duration: One day (24 hours)

6. ShopHer Media Affiliate Program

ShopHer Media Website Screenshot

This female-centric affiliate program is just what this day and age needs.

ShopHer Media is a digital marketing company supporting female influencers and bloggers in their quest to build their finances. They help their audience discover the best offers.

They work with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Pepsi and Kotex. Sign up for the program for free through their official website and earn commissions by referring them to your audience.

URL: ShopHer Media Affiliate Program

Commission: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

7. Top Cashback Affiliate Program

Top Cashback Website Screenshot

Tons of great offers and saving opportunities await you at Top Cashback, one of the best affiliate programs in the world with over tens of millions of users.

If you’re still unconvinced, more than 4,000 retailers across the globe are associated with the site. You’d definitely be in good company.

They also have thousands of great reviews on TrustPilot, which doesn’t get more legit than that as far as review platforms.

You get paid for every qualified lead by this affiliate program. Yes, this is one of those pay-per-lead affiliate offers to promote as a publisher.

What’s more, you can get started with the program for absolutely free.

Publishers are given creative assets, unique links, banners, website promotion offers, update deals, and a support team. You can’t ask for anything more.

You get a one-dollar commission for every signup and the tracking period is 30 days. Click the link to discover what else the site has in store.

URL: Top Cashback Affiliate Program

Commission: $1 per referral

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Qmee Affiliate Program

Qmee Website Screenshot

Names of sites or companies that offer coupon-related services usually provide a clear picture of everything they do. We’re pretty sure Qmee doesn’t, so let’s do you the favour of not keeping you questioning.

Qmee has been in the “coupon affiliate” game for a long time, so there should be no questions about its legitimacy.

They offer deals and coupons to hundreds of thousands (and counting) of users. These include cashback, exclusive offers, rewards, and saving opportunities. It’s a platform you won’t want to miss out on.

The program pays from 50 cents to one dollar for every sale and offers free signup. Check out the Qmee official website to learn more.

URL: Qmee Affiliate Program

Commission: $0.50 to $1.00 per sale

Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

9. Advanced Coupons Affiliate Program

Advanced Coupons Website Screenshot

Here’s another WordPress plugin that deserves a spot on our list, the Advanced Coupons affiliate program.

This program allows WooCommerce store owners to set up a section for coupon codes and offer exclusive discounts to their customers creatively. If you haven’t noticed, those default WooCommerce coupons sections don’t really do much to entice shoppers.

However, using the Advanced Coupons plugin, you can bring customer experience to the next level and, in turn, boost conversion rates considerably. There have been over 10,000 purchases of the Advanced Coupons by store owners who aim to boost their sales funnels.

As an affiliate, you can refer the program to WooCommerce store owners who are already generating sales. After all, why would someone invest in this if they weren’t already making sales?

Thus, you want to recommend those whose stores have already been established.

The affiliate program follows an in-house management setup. It pays affiliates a 20% commission on all valid sales.

You get paid through PayPal without any minimum payment requirement. You also have the opportunity to earn more by writing affiliate marketing blogs and articles.

URL: Advanced Coupons Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: Undisclosed

Which Coupon Affiliate Program Should You Choose?

Each coupon affiliate program on our list of the nine best coupon affiliate programs with high commissions can really offer you the chance to make a lot of money. This is not an exaggeration.

Sign up for each one that is relevant to your traffic, split test them and choose the one that generates the most revenue after 30 days.

The companies on our list are some of the most trusted companies out there, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time visiting one website after another to discover great affiliate opportunities.

And if you’d like to get access to some additional tips & strategies for increasing your affiliate revenue tenfold then do be sure to check out our free affiliate marketing crash course.

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