11 Best Fantasy Football Affiliate Programs With High Commissions

Fantasy Football Affiliate Programs

In 2017, there were 59.3 million people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada & it’s estimated that 75% of sports betters play fantasy football. Those are some pretty amazing stats 😮. And every year the interest in fantasy football is growing… So with that being said, you can likely see the interest in … Read more

How Long Does It REALLY Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Quick Answer: Affiliate marketers typically make their first commissions after 3-6 months and start earning $1,000+ a month consistently at around the 12-18-month mark. How long it will take you depends on your niche, schedule and work ethic and whether you’re following the right training. We know you don’t need much money to start affiliate … Read more

14 Best Acne Affiliate Programs With Big Commissions

Best Acne Affiliate Programs

It’s estimated that acne affects 9.4% of the worldwide population and it’s the 8th most prevalent disease globally So, looking at the above stats, we probably don’t need to explain the huge demand for acne products. The reality is that many people are suffering from acne problems & and because of acne many people are … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Affiliate And Referral Marketing?

Referral Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing

Quick Answer: Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services for third-party companies in return for commissions whilst referral marketing is a strategy that involves encouraging existing customers to share a product or service in return for gift cards, discounts or points. Ecommerce is a booming business model that’s becoming increasingly popular each year & typically, … Read more

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe? The Dangers To Look Out For

Is Affiliate Marketing Safe?

The dramatic rise of the internet as one of the global mediums for marketing has paved the way for new businesses and opportunities. Affiliate marketing has become among the most effective ways to increase sales while providing earning opportunities. That said, is affiliate marketing safe? Given its business model, this is a question that needs … Read more

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing? (And How To Increase It)

What Is EPC In Affiliate Marketing?

Once you get started with affiliate marketing, you’ll come across several terms that seem too straightforward but actually mean more than how they sound. EPC or Earnings Per Click is one of those. It is a metric showing an affiliate link’s potential earning power. Thus, it’s not surprising that most beginning affiliate marketers, even experienced … Read more

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated? (An Expert’s Answer)

Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated?

Quick Answer: There are so many new products, programs & niches appearing every day, along with so many new people getting online for the first time every day, that it is simply not possible for affiliate marketing to ever become saturated. In fact, there is now more opportunity than ever before. Affiliate marketing is an … Read more

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard For Beginners? (The Harsh Realities)

Is Affiliate Marketing Hard?

Affiliate marketing in its most simple form includes promoting products or services for third-party companies online in return for commissions that are paid out on successful sales. Some affiliate programs also pay marketers for leads, clicks, subscriptions, downloads, or free trials that they were able to push. And there are many people that claim they … Read more